Saccone Lab

Overview: Our lab uses mathematical and statistical methods to understand human genetic variation and its contribution to complex diseases and traits. Research areas include the impact of linkage disequilibrium (LD) and haplotype structure on the design and interpretation of genetic mapping studies, extending genetic research to include understudied populations, and increasing power to detect genetic loci, e.g. through collaborative meta-analyses. Applied projects focus on addiction, psychiatric diseases, and other complex traits.

About the Study:
This research study is being conducted by investigators at Washington University in Saint Louis, Missouri and is funded by the National Institutes of Health. The overall goal is to understand factors that affect cannabis use and medically relevant effects of cannabis use, such as pain relief and cannabis-related paranoia.

More information on this study will be posted soon.

Doctoral Students:

Shelina Ramnarine
Ph.D. in Human and Statistical Genetics 2016
Doctoral Thesis: Genetic Imputation: From Accuracy to Application

Tae-Hwi Linus Schwantes-An
Ph.D. in Human and Statistical Genetics 2013
Doctoral Thesis: Enhancing Biological Insights Through Statistical Inferences

Peter Liu
M.S. in Genetic Epidemiology 2005
Ph.D. in Human and Statistical Genetics 2011
Doctoral Thesis: Identification of Genetic/Epigenetic Risk Factors for Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis
(co-mentor with Dr. Anne Bowcock)


Masters Students:

Juan Zhang
M.S. in Genetic Epidemiology 2010
Masters Thesis: Genetic Variation, Population Structure, and Risk for Nicotine Dependence in African-Americans and European-Americans

Peter Nagele, M.D.
M.S. in Genetic Epidemiology 2010
Masters Thesis: Genetic and Environmental Determinants of Total Homocysteine: Impact of Population-Wide Folate Fortification
(co-mentor with Dr. Anne Bowcock)

Hsien-Ning Liu
M.S. in Genetic Epidemiology 2009
Masters Thesis: Analysis of Genotyped and Imputed Variants in the Nicotinic Receptor Subunit Genes Outside CHRNA5-CHRNA3-CHRNB4 for Association with Nicotine Dependence

Andrew J. Schrage
M.S. in Genetic Epidemiology 2008
Masters Thesis: Combining Imputation and Cross-population Analysis to Refine and Localize a Cocaine Dependence Association Signal on Chromosome 15

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